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What is Coinmatic?

Coinmatic is a an on-line cryptocurrency advisory service, targeting the European market. It is our primary aim to enable our customers to easily, safely, and responsibly invest in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Altcoins. We support clients in setting up, allocating, diversifying, and monitoring their portfolio, while they maintain 100% ownership and control of their account and investment.

What are the advantages of using Coinmatic?

No learning curve, extensive research, or administration to get in the crypto investment world. We take care of all the effort needed. Coinmatic offers full transparency and customers maintain 100% ownership of their account and money.

How is the portfolio built?

The portfolio is built by combining the deposit amount, the risk level and the current market conditions to maximize customer return. At Coinmatic we believe simple is genius, this is why we keep your input easy and we do the hard work in the background.

When I will receive my Coinmatic portfolio?

After you have deposited funds to your personally owned trading account, the portfolio allocation is completed based on your personal preferences. Once the portfolio is complete you'll be able to see it in your dashboard.


How can I send my money to make the investment?

Instructions will be provided to deposit funds to your personally owned trading account. Neither this account or the exchange that is being used is owned, controlled, or affiliated by Coinmatic, hence we are not involved in the deposit and/or withdrawal process.

Can I make a recurrent deposit?

Yes, you can add funds to your personal account anytime you like, and Coinmatic will automatically allocate them to your portfolio.


What are Coinmatic’s fees?

At Coinmatic we believe that full transparency brings trust, loyalty, and long-term engagement. Say goodbye to hidden fees & lock-up periods; say hello to free monthly reporting.
You can choose the plan that is right for you here. No other fees will be charged.

How will I pay for the services?

We charge a one time €59 fee to set up your cryptocurrency portfolio and guide you through the process of becoming a crypto investor. After that, you will only be charged for realized profits. Whenever your account hits 10% profit, we will automatically secure the profit amount, send you an invoice for 15% of the realized profit, and increase the baseline to calculate your next 10% profit. You can choose the plan that is right for you here. Through our payment provider Stripe we can offer all common payment methods available, like Credit Card, Direct Debit, or PayPal. No hidden fees will be charged.

Is there any additional fees?

Not at all! At Coinmatic we understand how annoying is to have additional fees ruining your own investment. As a result, we have a strong company culture in providing full transparency to our customers upfront, so there will be no surprises.


What is the minimun can I invest?

Although there is no minimum to invest, we highly recommend a minimum of 500 euro to ensure your portfolio is well balanced since the start.

Can I withdraw my money anytime?

Yes, you can. As per our value proposition, you literally have full ownership of your portfolio. So, you can withdraw money anytime you want, straight to your bank account. We will give you unlimited support, in case you need any help in doing so.

How to diversify my portfolio?

The diversification level defines the maximum number of different cryptocurrencies that you’d like to have in your portfolio (low 5, med 10, high 20). A higher number of different currencies means including smaller coins in terms of market cap, which generally is perceived as higher risk. We don’t provide financial advise, however considering past and recent market performance we believe ‘low’ is a good starting point.

How does the stop-loss work?

You can set the maximum percentage you are willing to lose before our engine automatically attempts to convert all your crypto assets into EUR to limit your loss. For example, if you deposit EUR 2,000 and set your stop loss to 50%, in case your portfolio value drops to EUR 1,000 the stop loss would be triggered. Due to the volatility of the crypto market it is wise to avoid setting a low (<50%) stop loss level. Most of our customers have this option either disabled or set to a high level (>80%).


How is Coinmatic regulated?

Coinmatic is not regulated as neither the company, nor its activities fall under any financial regulation requirement (e.g. AFM, DNB, wwft) as per Dutch and European law.

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