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Investing in cryptocurrency can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Sometimes managing a crypto investment is daunting due to the uncertainty and volatility of the market, as well as the time investment needed to be successful.

How to invest in crypto today for a comfortable tomorrow

Coinmatic aims to simplify and enhance the experience of investing in cryptocurrencies. We enable users to enter the crypto market with zero learning curve required, and we help construct diversified portfolios with the aim to maximize returns while maintaining your preferred risk profile.

You only pay when we perform

The cryptocurrency market is complex, young, and highly volatile. Coinmatic has your best interest at heart and will only charge you when your investment hits profit margins of 10%.
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Mitigating risks

We build a custom portfolio based on your preferred risk profile. As prices move, our engine adjusts your portfolio to ensure it remains balanced and in line with your risk profile.

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Minimizing your fees

We are in this together and hence will only charge you when your investment grows. No hidden fees, no recurring costs.

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Securing your profit

By default, each time you hit 10% profit, we secure your profits by converting them into EUR so you don't need to watch the market like a hawk. Alternatively you can choose to either secure performance fees only, or to leave your portfolio untouched.

Invest in Bitcoin and crypto more wisely.

Our webapp is designed to provide you with a clear and simple overview of your investment at any time.
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Diversified Portfolio

Diversifying your assets across various subclasses is key to mitigating risk. Put more simply, we create a custom cryptocurrency portfolio that suits your needs while minimizing risk.

Portfolio Rebalancing

You can set the frequency to periodically rebalance your portfolio to ensure that it fits your original asset allocation preferences and risk profile.

Stop-Loss & Recovery

You choose a stop-loss percentage, and we will automatically close your positions if the market ever drops to that point.

Secured Profits

When you hit 10% profits, we will both notify you immediately and secure those profits for your withdrawal.

Recurring Deposit

Add funds to your personal account anytime you like, and CoinMatic will automatically allocate them to your portfolio.

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Do you still have doubts?
We can make it clear.

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Getting into details

What is the minimum can I invest?
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We want to give you the best trading experience. We highly recommend a minimum of investment based on the level of diversification of your portfolio. The diversification level defines the maximum number of different cryptocurrencies that you’d like to have in your portfolio (low diversification up to 5, medium diversification up to 10, high diversification up to 20). To make sure all buy/sell orders will go through based on the portfolio balance we recommend you to invest:

- A minimum of Eur 1,000 for a low diversified portfolio
- A minimum of Eur 2,500 for a medium diversified portfolio
- A minimum of Eur 4,000 for a highly diversified portfolio

How will I pay for Coinmatic's services?
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You will be charged a performance fee once you hit a certain profit percentage. Through our payment provider Stripe we can offer all common payment methods available, like Credit Card, Direct Debit, or PayPal. No hidden fees will be charged.

Are there any additional fees?
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Not at all! At Coinmatic we understand how annoying is to have additional fees ruining your own investment. As a result, we have a strong company culture in providing full transparency to our customers upfront, so there will be no surprises.